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Meditation cultivation

Mont Blanc

The Problem

Meditation is a time-honored and scientifically validating method to transform ourselves and the most successful experience of meditation happens when it is part of a larger system of positive change and self-improvement. This is how it has been in all of the major meditation-based traditions around the world since the most ancient times. The way it is usually practiced today as a simple technique is a hollow shadow of its full potential, and so many never actually experience the deep, lasting ways it can transform the mind and body.

The Solution

The path of meditation as a philosophy, science, and art is meant to be a journey of diving deep within ourselves and shining the light of clear awareness on those parts of us that are ready for positive transformation. Every successful journey needs solid preparation, a proper road map with directions and landmarks to follow, as well as a clear destination... otherwise one is likely to end up in the wrong place. Similarly, for success with meditation, the right mindset must be developed first with the proper understanding of the process and stages likely to be experienced along the way. Finally, correct guidance is usually always needed to not get lost, discouraged, or confused along the path and to experience the full potential of what meditation has to offer.

Meditation by the Sea



Learn at Your Own Pace

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A Tower of Stones



Beginners to Advanced



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The Leap



Cleansing & Purification

Optimize Body Systems

Rejuvenation & Longevity

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The System

This system of coaching and instruction is not just about learning techniques 


Meditation Startup

For those with no or very little meditation experience 

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